Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sinhagad day-1

Above pics from Shaniwarwada, Pune. The following are from a hill close to Sinhagud, Pune.
Hill turmeric

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crabs with golden claws

Beasant Nagar beach Madras, a lazy sunday afternoon with Rohit in the background. Hardly spoke with him for there were better things on the beach. Anand & Brinda hosted a wedding reception that evening, hey, doesn't the above pic look romantic...Goodluck guyz.

Kids from the fishermen hamlets, armed with golden claws, were furiously digging out molluscs/shells; their food.

Yes, this red crab grabbed all my attention. They live in those vertical pits, and were busy digging out the sand. What strikes is their sensitivity to movements. A little movement and they disappear into their holes. Those white eye like things must be really sensitive.

The view from the other sideNotice the amount of sand being thrown out.

And there were lots of these sand colored crabs. Notice the way they carry the sand up for dumping. Need to figure out details of these crabs; different species or male/female of the same species ?