Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BR Hills

Billi Rangan Betta, 11th September, Anil & me, went on a 2 hr trek, 6:40 to 8:40 kinds, along with 2 guides from Jungle Lodges. Overcast sky, misty conditions, a wet forest, thick green vegetation, animals seemingly just out of your eye-reach, various calls.

A bison skull, an old tiger kill.

Fungi ??
Tender leaves, wonder why they are red ??
Gaint wood spider.
Unidentified spider.
Mushroom from the bark of a tree.
Wow! this was the find of the trek for me. A spider nest, in the form/size of a football, had over 50 spiders. Bad light conditions, the whight specks are spiders.

Yes, pug mark of a tiger. And closeby was the remains of its kill. The hooves & legs of a deer. It was roating & lotz of fly's were stuck to it. The guides said, it must be a one day old kill.

A lovely little trek, pity it was just 2 hrs. Walking in a forest, with an element of surprise around the corner, itz an amazing feeling.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guess who ?

Blogging is infectious. Mmmm....well, not all my close friends have caught the bug though.
Once you write something, you think it is the best write-up ever. You read re-read. It Looks better & BETTER, as you stare with unconcealed glee, the characters get polished, and the words glitter back at you. Yes, its the very best words can offer!

And now, you march triumphantly into the outside world expecting 'Wow!' 'Great!!' 'Fabulous!!!' Strangely, that doesn't seem to happen. You meet your friends, look at them with that glitter in your eyes......did-you-read-my-blog....shinning all over. Your chums don't pick the signals, instead talk of Munnabhai's Gandhigiri.

You wonder.

And, yes, occasionally people do seem to visit, but you want them to declare it to the universe.


Yes, that wonderful feature. When friends drop in, and say what noble work you are doing. What pictures. What write-up.....waah wah....waah....wah.


But that hardly happens. Blokes seem to chicken out. They read, and their writing skills seem to vanish. All it needs is the skills of a 6 year old first standard kid. But, with my friends, I have my doubts!!!


So...whatz to be done.

Its a challenge.

Well, I know my friends, they need a challenge.

Herz one, they would like.

Identify the flower in the picture. Tell me, which plant ??

What say ?

Don't call me, or mail me......please do leave your comments ;-))

Wow! brilliant idea, isn't it ?

Let me leave behind a clue. This pic was taken in one of the densest jungles of Karnataka.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A marathon run

Bangalore hosted a marathon a few weeks back. And, surprise-surprise, one of our friends - Suma, came second in the women's full marathon. Herz a fabulous account of her experience.


This is Suma.
Fitness turned to serious action:

Did I complete a full marathon?
No, Never, You believe me or not, this is true, I have still a big doubt.

I am very happy that I finished a full marathon with a timing of 4 hrs 23 min 47 sec

Special Thanks to:

1. Ashit Lama: One who accompanied me for the whole marathon in cycle to give Glucon D water

2. Sunand: One who helped me to get marathon details

3. Raj: Who dropped me in the stadium @ 5.a.m.

4. My Aunt: With whom I stayed one day before the marathon.

About Myself: 24 yr. old, Mr. Bean fan, always worried about my 'Slim & Trim' structure. I want to keep my weight below 50Kg. Only for this reason I started jogging.

Why Marathon:

1. Opportunity to run with the people from all over the world
2. To see the beautiful structure of guys and gals.
3. Chance to wear less dress and run around Bangalore
4. To see the beauty of Blr. at no cost.

About my Practice & Diet.

Practice makes Perfect - absolutely true.

I was jogging half and hour daily for my fitness sake till Aug. 2005. Then i got in to a teacher job in New Horizon school . So I had more time for reducing my weight. I was 56 kg in Aug 2005.

I spend one hr. for jogging and exercises till Dec 2005 But lost just 2 kgs, so 54 kgs.

Then I took a resolution in New Year
(Speciality: I never followed any of my resolution in life)

I increased my practice to 2 hrs. continously. I felt easy after a month. I felt so happy that I lost 2 more kg. in the month of Feb. 2006. But still I was at 52.

One day I went to stadum to see the beautiful structure of guys and gals. Casually I got the information about Blr. marathon celebration run for 7km, half-marathon for 21km, and full marathon for 42 kms.

So I thought that I can reduce more fat from my body by running 42 kms.

Yes But how? Then I planned.
(Advice: dont plan this way)

If I can cover 20 kms in 2 hrs. (10/hr) So after 20 kms u think that u have started the race just know. How is it? Great idea?

But problem is not with mind and body, what willl I tell my legs?

'Ok legs, you forget every thing about previous run.'

Then I found that "I am a stupid"

March 2006 I managed to run 3 hrs continously, I cut short my oily foods, automatically I started drinking a lot of water prepared for May 15th.

One more month to go. I gave three day complete rest and ran 4 hrs continously in the month of Apr.

Yes I can do it. But the next two days I was flat. So I thought of doing only 3 and half hrs. I bought a weight less addidas shoe for my marathon.

I managed to run 4 hrs continously from apr 10th onwards.

But my worry was always about my weight. let me go and check my weight

'Amazing i was just 49 kgs.'

May 1st: the month of all expectation to complete a marathon.

I had a doubt, whether I can finish within 4 hrs or not.

Not possible, I can't, so after 4 hrs what will I do, I planned it out
(Advice: dont follow this)

1. Shall I quit the race
2. Shall I catch a volunteer bike for help
3. Shall I walk and finish(that would be better)

But its not that easy after a long jogging, its difficult to change the leg movement. I thought of jogging 4 and half hrs.

'I think i am in love with u, no no, i am thinking about u. May be i am in love with u'

my letter for marathon race.
(Love ur activity what ever it is)

My prayer to God has increased. I packed my bag.

Message from Sunand:
'Marathon has postponed to Sep 3rd'

Very sad. I felt punishing myself by jogging 5 hrs continously at the same day of my expectation i.e. May 15 th.

I prepared for a marathon alone. But I couldnt. I lost all my energy in 4.45 of continuous jog.

Atleast I did this. Thank God.
Then I continuod my usual practice.

June 4th:

Sunand, Ashit, and myself planned for Nandi hill 60 kms walkathon. We covered the distance in 12 hrs.

Confidence and Trial make our way stronger

42 kms became very very small in front of 60 kms. A lot of thanks to Sunand and Ashit.

I knew that i can complete this race. I felt that God has given me the opportunity to practice more. i came to 47-48 kgs. I felt that I became thin, not slim.

'Marathon is the best way to keep ur structure slim and young forever'

Sep 16: (3 days before itself I stopped my practice)

An unusual day I called up Shaheen and Sunand about my stay. They gave me a tough picture of staying with a gang of marathon runners.(New place, New people)

So I thought of staying with my Aunt. I drank 5 glasses of pomogranate juice without- milk, sugar,& ice. and 2 boiled eggs. I got blessings from my pappa and mamma. I got in to sleep @ 8 p.m.

I prayed God

1. Help me god to complete this race
2. Oh Sun, u ar the grt God. Shall we play hide and seek tomorrow(Sep 17) You hide but I never seek u. Bcoz then u will show ur hot sun light.
3. God plz adjust my loosemotion for a day.

(But god agreed only for 2 wishes)
Bcoz god too never likes the loose motion problem)

Sep 17 : 1 a.m.

I got my 1st loose motion. At 4 o clock I had one banana and 2 apples and dry fruits. When they were announcing the 1st call for marathon I was inside the stadium toilet @ 5.45 a.m. That was my 5th loosemotion.

Then I thought not to drink water till 20 kms. so that I can control my problem.

I crossed my start line thinking that 'oh line when will i see u again I love u Iwant to see u again.'

Many of them accompanied me. They felt 'a girl running with boys'. I felt so happy. Bcoz I was the centre of attraction among boys.

I had a lot of energy but I don't want to pull myself. I know my own pace.

I croossed hebbal fly over, a traffic police man said I was in 4 th position
Never mind, I just want to complete the race.

"Finishing is more important than winning"

I crossed my 21 kms mark. I say many of them standing there and encouraging runners I got my old point of view.

'Think Suma, think u are just started the race, u have to run just 21 kms. only.'

So stupid no, what can i do? No other way, I have to think like that.

I crossed the 3rd girl. Then volunteers said I was in 3rd position.

For the next 5 kms. i was dreaming about 'standing in the 3rd victory stand, photographers, autograph to boys, bla, bla, bla.....(Day dream)

"Good day dream will give u more enery to our harmones"

I drank my first sip in 25th kms.

Once again Hebbal.

One prayer in my mind:

" God show me the stadium, I dont want to enjoy the beauty of Blr, I dont want to see beautiful gals and handsome guys, I dont want to run with less dress"

That time Ashit gave me good encouragement saying "Suma u ar in 3rd position, u can do it"

I saw my timings. it was 3.15 Wow. I have 45 more minutes of my practice. I have to cover 10 kms. Yes I can.

I can see nobody running marathon, everyone got into their own pace, no company of boys, some thought that I was jogging after 9 a.m. stupid girl. Some two wheelers and travellers turned and laughed at me so sad, many of them doen't know abt the race.

I was counting my each step in the last 5 kms. Casualy I saw one bus standing in the traffic signal, one boy was clicking my photo in his mobile camera.

This gave me push to run 2 more kms. i.e. till 40.

Then I saw 2nd girl running before me. She is also very tired. She is covering by walk and jog. But I can go without walk. But I already completed my 4 hrs of daily practice.

Last 1 Km

" I felt i was going to fall, my leg was carrying 100 kg in each People were thinking that I was handicapped, 7 kms runners thought that I was cebration runner with a crying face"

When I crossed the stadium gate many of them clicked my photo in thier camera. There was an annoucement
'give a big hand to women full marathon runner " I felt that I can run 10 more kms. easily. But so sad I have only 400 mts. to go.

I completed the race with 4:23:47. I didnt sit, fall, thinking that I can run 1 more hr. non stop (Not in Reality)

"Thank God I completed the race"

This exp. taught me a lesson: "How to live life"

- Prepare and plan urself before u do
- The only way to reach goal is keep going
- Get confidence by way of practice, it makes perfect
- Love ur activity what ever it is
- Thank God for all the Good and Bad things
- Finishing is more important than winning

"Life is like a Marathon"

Stage I : till 10 Kms. School and College age (till 20 yrs of age)

We have more energy, but dont do things extremily. it will effect ur coming stage. u will enjoy the beauty of every thing (Nature, company of boys and gals, etc)

Stage II: Till 21 kms (20-30 yrs of age)

We are still young and energetic, dont misuse, take up career 1st, then go for love.

Stage III: till 31 kms. (30-50 yrs of age)

Middle stage, got in the job and responsibilities. After marriage I saw very few of them are happy, but no way, u have to live with ur partner(marathon) and family(pains).

Stage IV: last 10 kms. (after 50 years of age)

Life will be boring, Bcoz u know about everything. Relax and prayer is very important. Love ur partner (marathon) more in this stage. Say I love u in each step u make.

Special tips for my marathon friends:
(If u think u can also run a full marathon, follow my steps below)

1. Increase ur practice - step by step - otherwise get confidence that u can complete the race by walking.

2. Dont skip ur streching exercises for next day. Do it after the jog. it helps u to relax ur muscles.

3. Intake of water should be 5-6 ltrs. per day. include more vegi and fruits, egg and fish is o.k.

4. You have to sleep atleast for 7-8 hrs in a day.

5. Get a comfortable weight less shoe, bcoz dont carry ur shoe along with ur body weight

6. Take ur friends and cover more kms,. like Nandi hill walk. So that u will get more confidence. Make 42 kms smaller than that.

7. Prayer to God and blessing from ur parents will give more satisfaction.

8. Find out ur own pace Dont follow others pace.

9. Practice on staircase steps by jogging, then u will feel high slopes and bridges is like stairs. (once in a while)

10. Drink buttermilk with salt in previous day of race it will control ur tension as well as ur loosemotion.

11. Put foot powder in ur legs, shoes, and socks. it will control swetting.

12. Try to be in ideal weight, bcoz your legs have to carry ur full body weight while jogging.

Thank u all for seeking my marathon experience - looking out for more life games and company of marathon friends. Send me reply about this exp.

"You come with me, I will also come with you"

" I didnt complete a marathon, I just completed my practice timings"


Ur Suma.