Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BR Hills

Billi Rangan Betta, 11th September, Anil & me, went on a 2 hr trek, 6:40 to 8:40 kinds, along with 2 guides from Jungle Lodges. Overcast sky, misty conditions, a wet forest, thick green vegetation, animals seemingly just out of your eye-reach, various calls.

A bison skull, an old tiger kill.

Fungi ??
Tender leaves, wonder why they are red ??
Gaint wood spider.
Unidentified spider.
Mushroom from the bark of a tree.
Wow! this was the find of the trek for me. A spider nest, in the form/size of a football, had over 50 spiders. Bad light conditions, the whight specks are spiders.

Yes, pug mark of a tiger. And closeby was the remains of its kill. The hooves & legs of a deer. It was roating & lotz of fly's were stuck to it. The guides said, it must be a one day old kill.

A lovely little trek, pity it was just 2 hrs. Walking in a forest, with an element of surprise around the corner, itz an amazing feeling.


thatsme said...

thats great

thatsme said...

Loved the pic of the giant wood spider

Anonymous said...

The spider you couldn't identify is Mrs. Spouty :). She used to live in my garage. City life stressed her and she went to live a peaceful life in the hills :))... BTW, the picture of the skull is scary...

thatsme said...

that skull surely is scary, so do you mean beauty is only skin deep???
I wouldn't be surprised if even the skull is from your garage, Mat be somebody stressed out your city life, and you kept his skull in your garage.

mona said...

Instead of writing description of pictures. why don't u create picture sequences. Especially pictures like these kind. It will be fun to figure out what exactly, your trying to say through ur pictures :)