Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guess who ?

Blogging is infectious. Mmmm....well, not all my close friends have caught the bug though.
Once you write something, you think it is the best write-up ever. You read re-read. It Looks better & BETTER, as you stare with unconcealed glee, the characters get polished, and the words glitter back at you. Yes, its the very best words can offer!

And now, you march triumphantly into the outside world expecting 'Wow!' 'Great!!' 'Fabulous!!!' Strangely, that doesn't seem to happen. You meet your friends, look at them with that glitter in your eyes......did-you-read-my-blog....shinning all over. Your chums don't pick the signals, instead talk of Munnabhai's Gandhigiri.

You wonder.

And, yes, occasionally people do seem to visit, but you want them to declare it to the universe.


Yes, that wonderful feature. When friends drop in, and say what noble work you are doing. What pictures. What write-up.....waah wah....waah....wah.


But that hardly happens. Blokes seem to chicken out. They read, and their writing skills seem to vanish. All it needs is the skills of a 6 year old first standard kid. But, with my friends, I have my doubts!!!


So...whatz to be done.

Its a challenge.

Well, I know my friends, they need a challenge.

Herz one, they would like.

Identify the flower in the picture. Tell me, which plant ??

What say ?

Don't call me, or mail me......please do leave your comments ;-))

Wow! brilliant idea, isn't it ?

Let me leave behind a clue. This pic was taken in one of the densest jungles of Karnataka.


Maya Madhavan said...

No clue at all, but it is a very pretty flower indeed. Looks a little like the flowers of the rain tree.
My 2np.

thatsme said...

Ask me about Brahma kamal and I will tell you, You didnt come to the Valley of flowers , that does not mean you ask about the local varieties, , any way is this from the Bandipur trek

R said...

No comments

leena said...

Very smart! forcing me to drop few words. Akash, that looks like our very local 'touch me not' flower :)

Akash said...

Leena , congrats!

Yes, thats Mimosa pudica....Touch-me-not plant, very very common.

Saw it in BR Hills, and had taken a pic.

Maya...guessed well, rain tree plant sort of resembles this....Rohit...did lot of research....gave up....and finally wrote to Isaac Kehimkar with the picture!!!

Okay, the bootom line is that lot of interesting plants/flowers around, and recording them, their changes/behavior is quite a learning experience.

Yep! finally some comments ;-)

S said...

hey... this will sound like hindsight... but i'd also thought they looked like those touch me not flowers... but considering you said you found them in one of the densest forests in karnataka, i didn't want to risk an insult to your find by suggesting it...

Shrikanth Hampiholi said...

Hi A,
I quite agree with you, Bloggin is Infectious and Addictive.

Anonymous said...

e... pehchaan kaun ??? ;)...