Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A torn wing

This was long back at IISc. A butterfly with torn wings caught my attention. And, I followed it for quite sometime taking lotz of snaps. Wanted to get close to it, but the guy kept hopping from flower to flower, resting briefly, sucking the nectar and moving along.

A long shot. The Monsoon was on, long blades of green grass, various plants that spring up overnight and grow furiously.

The otherside of the wing. Paler, still the eyes & other patterns are noticable.

Clicking a butterfly is interesting. Some species, sit for quite sometime & are unperturbed. Many are shy & hop fast. Some are real fast, have U seen them, they just zap away.

I kept watching him. Many a snap. Pauses in between. This guy flying, sitting, drinking & moving on. But always around the place I stood. Soon he become somebody I seem to know for a long time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


A DSF meeting. Room full of volunteers. Discussing: How to check learning levels in our govt. schools. Meeting led by Vinay & Megha with Juveena from NEEV as the expert.

Juveena giving fundas.

Catching my attention was this beautifully illustrated book, with a simple story of Chester - a crocodile - trying to gobble various animals.

Meanwhile.....some heavy discussions were happening....and T arrived...the book was on Murtuza's leg....Sunand placed this Tea cup on it & started zooming....Murtuza leg was supported by my leg.....so this was a precarious shot. At the end we burst out laughing not to the amusement of the crowd.

An unlucky Chester goes back home. Hey this snap reminds me of the croc snap we took in Ranganthittu.

Here it is.....I love crocs.

Bird flu ;-(

Megha started writing a math paper on the board. Note the bright light at the bottom.

When I focused on the bright light, I got this shot....the best shot of the day.

Watching Chester & the fleeing animals, Megha & Vinay, Juveena & My3, & the rest of us was Gandhi-thaatha. Should get a sharper shot next time.

Yes... we are trying to quantify the learning levels of 2nd, 4th & 6th std students in our govt. schools thru simple tests. The exercise happens over the next few saturdays. We need volunteers of all kinds. Kannada, Tamil & English. And, badly needed are Urdu reading/writing chaps. Interested write to Maitreyee.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rock climbing

3 schools, 38 students, 6 teachers, 7 instructors. Rock Climbing, Turalli, 29th Jan 2006.

Shikshana trust works with Govt. schools in Bangalore south. Starting from Banashankari until Kanakpura. Lotz of schools. They have been doing a fundu job, and are working on allround development of their children.

Karnataka Mountaineering Association - KMA - my first gang - one of the oldest trekking & mountaineering clubs of karnataka. Have majorly supported rock-climbing outings for under-previleged children. This outing was lead by Mr. Mohan Rao.

I won't get into the how's and why's of rock climbing for the under-previleged. You know it.
Would love to see a lot of other groups taking their children for rock climbing. Can think of kids from Dream School Foundation, Vatsalya, Friends of Children, Bosco etc Interested write to Sunand, a DSF & KMA volunteer.

The pictures tell the story. Snaps by Sunand.