Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rock climbing

3 schools, 38 students, 6 teachers, 7 instructors. Rock Climbing, Turalli, 29th Jan 2006.

Shikshana trust works with Govt. schools in Bangalore south. Starting from Banashankari until Kanakpura. Lotz of schools. They have been doing a fundu job, and are working on allround development of their children.

Karnataka Mountaineering Association - KMA - my first gang - one of the oldest trekking & mountaineering clubs of karnataka. Have majorly supported rock-climbing outings for under-previleged children. This outing was lead by Mr. Mohan Rao.

I won't get into the how's and why's of rock climbing for the under-previleged. You know it.
Would love to see a lot of other groups taking their children for rock climbing. Can think of kids from Dream School Foundation, Vatsalya, Friends of Children, Bosco etc Interested write to Sunand, a DSF & KMA volunteer.

The pictures tell the story. Snaps by Sunand.


Anonymous said...

Hey Akash, such a joy looking at the many meaningful things you put up.


Vibhu said...

Brings smile to your face looking at these faces.
-- vibhu
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