Friday, July 01, 2005

Unidentified toads

Common Indian Toad is what Karthik says, I find it hard to stomach that. How can you call it 'common'!!!! Especially, when U trek with a heavy back-pack, thru dark-tunnels, slippery bridges and then you have spotted these. It must be out of the world. I reckon itz Golden Yellow Poison Dart Frogs reported from the amazon jungles and found to be deadly. So deadly that 1gm of some extract from these can kill 100,000 people. Well, now surely, you read this with total dis-belief. I suppose, my postings..rather reading wud take some beating now!!!

Western ghats on the sakaleshpur railway track trek, between Donigal & Yadakumer on June 18th. There were lotz of these yellow toads, these are the males, and are supposedly smaller than the females. The females - brown - are seen in the mating snaps shown below. They seem to have long strands of eggs. The males were seen majorly fighting each other. It
was a very small pond of rainwater. Watching these eagerly with me were Murtuza & Rohit. This definitely was the highlight of the trek for me.
Actually, still don't know the difference between a frog & a toad.

Mangalore se aaya mere toad
Toad ko salaam karro ;-))


Anonymous said...

Hi Akash,

Great to see your snaps! Is this C760?

Hope to see more wildlife in the blog soon:)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Shantanu. Olympus C760. Turned out to be a good buy.


Faisal said...

Nice collection of pics Akash!! Good to know you're pretty active with photogrpahy & KMA now. Too bad we couldn't meet up last time. But I'll keep checking the blog for your cool photos.