Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ranganthittu bird santuary, April 6th, Ugadi day.
Kavitha, Uma, Murtuza, Sunand & Me.

We took a bus until Srirangapattna...and walked untill the santuary....a boat ride for 80 minutes....and then walked back to the road.

Giant Milkweed

Indian Coral tree

Large pied wagtail
Blood Flower

Red-Whiskered Bulbul
Common Grey Hornbill

River Tern
Large Egret

Crocodile Large Cormorant

Painted stork
Immature Night Heron
Darter/Snake bird
Openbill stork
Fruit bat Omkaara dweepam Shivam.....Bhaje Manjunatham Shivam...


Dharin said...

Is the bird a large pied wagtail or magpie robin?

Dharin said...

Spoon-bill, large egret, horn bill, red-whiskered pictured are very well taken.

Akash said...

Yep! Large pied....other snaps clearly showed the white eyebrow.

Shrikanth Hampiholi said...

Sanp of the red-whiskered bul-bul is amazing. What happend to the idea of Wild flower blog, and how about starting a birl blog also ? I have updated my Blog with pondi trip do have a look. when time permits.