Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Long Billed Vultures

Aug 15th, a day celebrated as India's Independence day, turned out to be quite special for Murtuza, Dharin, Ami & me. An half a day of trek at Ramnagara, with vultures watched like never before. As you approach Ramdevara betta, this colony of long billed vultures, can't be missed. They eye you from their high perch, as you eye them back with your binoc's, their sheer size astounds. And, as we climbed closer, their size simply got bigger!!!!

I was also checking out my 'Hunter' shoes, picked up at one of the numerous 'Army stores' in the bylanes of Shivajinagar for 250Rs, with lot of rubber, I was hoping that the shoes 'clicks'.

Can you spot Mrs. Rock Agama ?

We counted 12 vultures sitting closely. Now & then, one of them would soar into the sky, or glide back & land softly. The nest seemed to consist of natural crevices at a good height from possible human intervention.

The paleness of the underwing is diagnostic of Gyps Indicus, Indian Long billed Vulture.

Most of the snaps here were taken by Ami on her Sony DSC-H1.

This snap from the top of Ramdevar betta. It turned out to be a pleasant half-day trek for us. I missed my Olympus. Missed Sunand, Rohit & Anil, and as we climbed to the top, was reminded of the first gang I had come here with. And, my 'hunter' passed the test.


Pat said...

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S said...

i'm disappointed! :(

Casy said...

Cool pictures Ami. Next time make akash repent for having bought Olympus :). Sony DSC-H1 Zindabad!

Anonymous said...

Some of us have been pushing for getting the hill cluster declared as a Vulture Conservation Reserve and remove all forms of disturbance (like trekkers climbing on to the top of the hill for cheap-thrills)to this small population of birds, which happen to be the last remaining population of the species in the whole of inland South India. What is disturbing is the insensitivity of the people who do not seem to have any form of respect for these birds and have a lack of understanding that these birds should be left alone in their abode. Your images of the birds indicate that you people did get very close to take your snaps - this is something I would like to get a ban on....


Akash said...

Hello Subbu,

Thanks for pointing it out. Well, I am aware of not disturbing their habitats. We were at the rocks much below - almost ground level - had used a camera with 10x optical zoom, and some of the shots are with the digital zoom on.
I believe & hope, we didn't disturb them.

Yes, would be good if it becomes a vulture conservation site.

Akash said...

Sorry...its was Dharin & Ami's camera...12x optical zoom.