Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sinhagud day-2

Sinhagud a fort near Pune offers a wonderful climb for the physically inclined - tons of them -, romantic couples, picnic spot, and ofcourse hosts wonderful floura & fauna.

On 22nd July, Avi, Prasanna & me were led admirably by Sanjay Katti - an old leg with the mountains -Bulbull pair. Snails....need to get more info.

Ants busy transporting a dead grass-hopper. It was interesting watching the fast progress the crack-team made. Quickly moving around, changing positions, strategies, they kept going.

Wire-tailed swallows. All of us were spell bound by this couple, who let us have a good look of them.

Need to get back the wild-flower book from Shrikanth.
Hill MynaThe fort was getting closer, and the climb steeper. The day was promising to be mist filled/cloudy.
Watch-tower or whatever.
Sanjay pointed a mongoose, it looked left & right, and quickly went back to the shrubby vegetation it came from. A dog sensing it quickly went behind with no success. The dog realised perhaps Sanjay would lead him to some more, and joined us for a while!

Snake with its head crushed. You know, I have been trekking for a while now, and have hardly come across snakes in the wild. They move away sensing our presence. And, it was a shame to see a snake in this manner.

A nice outing, many thanks to Sanjay Katti.

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