Thursday, August 25, 2005


I will talk about my post-lunch walks at cubbon park. Itz more like a nature trail. The big motive has been not to fall asleep right after lunch.

Well, well, some of my close friends would understand how bad I must have felt.

These mushrooms caught my attention in the month of July. It was raining, and I don't see them much these days.

The otherside. Suddenly, I realise I know nothing of these chaps. Who are these guyz ?? how do they trap energy ?? Are they always like some umbrella and then wither away ?? whatz the job of those thin blade like stuff on the underside of the umbrella ?? anybody ?? ready answers ?? Wish my botany lectures, had shown picture or live stuff, posed such questions, and had gone away. I would have learnt botany better ;-) its never too late.

Look at this cluster of mushrooms, almost on the roots of a tree. After a day or two, it had become sunny & they weathered away.

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