Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Peacock flowers

Aug 21st 2005 turned out to be a looonnnnnnnngggggg day in my life ;-) (2 months late ??)

Well, I just wanted to get away. Atleast away from the workplace....from the mail accounts....that keep you so connected. Did think of catching up with Sunand & doing an half-a-day outing to TG halli or around Dodballapur, But he wasn't reachable. So Lalbaugh it was....had been quite sometime.

Spent some 2 hours that afternoon/evening. It really was relaxing. These days nothing relaxes me better than a nature trail (with my camera). Staring at a tree, chasing a bird, hoping for a butterfly to settle closeby, and simply loooking for those minute movements signaling fauna makes it very exciting.

B'lore seen from the hillock(thru double road). Amalgamation of 8 shots by panorama mode.

Therz a small pond, behind the hillock. Probably created by quarrying. There are many life-forms all over, and it becomes interesting to spot them. One can easily expect water birds, plants, lillies/lotus, insects & snakes. Need to keep ur eyes open, move slowly, and perhaps better done alone ;-))

The major thing for me were these flowers. Reminds of peacock feathers!

These were abundant.

The top view, note the bud facing you.

As I walked across the pond, there were lotz of young boyz generally hanging around. Looked like school drop-outs. Should have talked to them.

As I encircled the pond, it was quite sunny. Very bright shots. I guess, I have reduced the brightness of this shot.

Looks beautiful, the huge size, and the blowing wind seems to have bent the leaf.

Spot the bird. These are birds every birdwatcher would know of....but not me ;-)) despite birdwatching the last 10 years! Some of my friends wonder, how I manage it!!!!

Well, here are some insects...crickets mebbe...not difficult to spot.

And, so my walk went on.....wish one day I just walk into such ponds. Never seen any birdwatcher do it. Perhaps need to cultivate the friendship of rag-pickers and vagabonds. Walk in the water. Unmindful of broken bottles, & other fears! Also should have a water-proof camera.....wow!!!!!!!!!!


Maya said...

Lovely photographs and your day does sound nice and relaxing!
Even though we rode past the place at least two dozen times on our vacation this year, we couldn't find the time to visit.

Harry said...

Akash, I envy you for being in the nature's lap in India.

Seriously, Great job!! You have lot of energy and passion to work with kids and nature.

Out here, we are in the race to get some $$'s and power amidst sharks...

Vijay Barve said...

Hey the flowers you are calling Peacock flowers are Water Hayasynth, a major weed in indian lakes and rivers. This weed is a big trouble maker and was brought to India for some flower exhibition.