Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Ulm, Germany, March, 2005. Its been an unusually cold month, but slowly & surely, the sun announces itself. The snow grumbles, crumbles & packs off. A feeling of warmth prevades.

One such day, Ganesh & me were walking by.

And, came across this person. He was rotating an instrument that produced some music. And, he seemed to go on & on. First timers like us, kept staring at him. Now & then, somebody would drop some coins in a bowl attached to his machine.

Well, every city/town has such people. Most of the times, we simply walk past with a straight face. And, again if you recall, most of them either play some music, perform some tricks, or display some animals. In India, this is fairly common. But, seeing this in a developed country, I was quite surprised. They wear good clothes and look respectful.

Well, our man is blind. Ganesh emptied a lot of coins from his wallet. I took some quick snaps. And, we moved on.

Mmm.....a few days/weeks back, cars invariably were covered with quite a bit of snow.

Its failry common to come across bands like these that perform for a few coins. Infact, another day I watched a family performing on the street, small kids were playing some instruments too.

Donno, which animal, asked the guy, he said some German sounding name that I quickly forgot. Again, as I said almost all cultures seem to have this concept of animals for money. The basava's that used to come as we grew up, the chained monkeys & bears that formed the first 'wild' animals in my life. The snakes in baskets, that had to be woken up from their sleep! All these for some money for their care-taker/imprisoner.

As always, the children are the most excited of all. Perhaps they see only the animal, and not the associated social backgrounds!

Almost all kids passing by stopped to have a close look, with very few braving to touch them.

Wonder, what it has to say 'bout the world around it.

In came this kid wheeled by the elder lady. Boy, he was really excited 'bout them.

He touched them, smiled and seemed very very happy.

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Areem said...

Looking at the photos and remembering tintin comics, I think the animals might be Llamas, but am not 100% sure.