Friday, September 30, 2005

Snaps Of The Week

Thinking of starting a snap of the week series. The few best snaps of the week will be put up, not much funda given. Just a few words here & there. Offlate, blog writing has become too involved, hence this escape route.

Grasshoppers mating...perhaps the bigger chap is male ;-) I simply got lucky with them,thankfully they weren't keen on parting either. Wonder, how many eggs got laid.

Catterpillars ?? The one in the back is it a young one or something different ?? Went to Tata book house later & randomly opened the 'Insect Encyclopodia' had a picture of very similar ones....and there were lots of them togather....and the small ones......I guess I read it as a different species...some symbiosis funda ?? need to check again.

African Tulip. A common avenue tree in Bangalore. I plan to record the growth of these flowers. What fascinates is the conversion of flower to fruit.

All snaps, last saturday - Sep 24th - after my class at IISc....right behind lecture halls.

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Vijay Barve said...

Beautiful Snaps.

The caterpilars may be of same species, but two different instars (stages of moulting).