Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dhobi's Kerchief

Dhobi's Kerchief Mussaenda glabrata

Kan: Billoothi
Tam: Vellaiyalai
Mal: Parthole
Hin: Bedina
Beng: Nagballi
Mar: Bhatkes

A flower with a strange name and looks. It was again on the Kumar-Parvatha route I saw this flower. Western ghats, May 2005. The yellow & red flowers, and white bracts (??) stuck me. I wondered 'bout it for a long time and still do. Whats the significance ? of having a red-colored, yellow-colored and white leaf like bracts.

Yes, distributed in western ghats. Flowers during mid-monsoon & early winter; but the white bracts are seen all thru the year.

Flowers are eaten as pot herb. Leaves & fruit in traditional medicine. And is the food of Commander butterfly.

Source: BNHS book ' Common Wild Indian Flowers - Isaac Kehimkar '


Kalyan Varma said...

Hi, I was searching in google and got to your blog. The white leaves are a way by which the plans are guiding the insects that pollunate this small red flowers. Think of them as neon sigh boards :)

Akash said...

Thanks Kalyan