Friday, March 24, 2006

Naayee Nerallu

2pm, Cubbon park, Bangalore, 24th March 06.


R said...

There's a hint of reason behind
Those disconsolate eyes
An impassionate & unenvious mind
Mocking at pretenders and their lives

He can be a raucous wild canine
Or a kind hearted figure sublime
He can play toddler, child & young lad fine
And brave adversity when it comes with time

The truth about him only few realise
Far varied from men is their tribe and creed
Honor, trust and faith they symbolize
Yet men swear and insult by their breed

The dog in man is not a vice
For every virtue that men comprise
In dog's nature, it richly lies
For in the bones they love, no contentions arise

Dharin said...


Is it your own creation? Good stuff.