Friday, March 03, 2006

Mexican Poppy

Mexican poppy Argemone mexicana

Kan: Datturi
Tamil: Kudiyoetti
Telugu: Brahmadandi (interesting name)
Mal: Ponnummatum
Hindi: Bharband
Beng: Siyal kanta
Guj: Darudi
Raj: Satyanasi (satya nash ?? ;-))
Mar: Pivala dhotara

Guyz...if any of you can understand the meaning of these names, do lemme know.

Chaps from poppy family take up positions on vacant land.

Native of West Indies. Seed resembles mustard seeds, hence used as an harmful adulterant in mustard oil. Has anti- terminte qualities, dry & crush the stem & leaves of the poppy and spread them at the base of the plant to be protected.

Flowers all around the year.

Quite a common wild-plant, you can't miss it.

Source: Common Indian Wild Flowers by Isaac Kehimkar..BNHS.....great book guyz...simply buy maadi.

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