Friday, May 05, 2006

Chinnara Angala 2

Chinnara Angalla@ Chalghatta school, April 29th. 60 kids, 4 volunteers.

Rajarshi went to check up other migrant labour sheds with a school inspector. Santosh down with fever, didn't turn up.

The kids got new notebooks, and got to write all that they know, and the new ones got to practise kannada alphabets. Sudhakar & me hung around. Rohit pulled out some disinterested kids. and got them playing games.

Later, the teacher was getting the kids play Dog 'n Bone.....itz a hit game anywhere...... I soon ran out of ideas.......and taught some simple Kalaripayattu jumps, kicks & poses. Here the kids try a peacock stunt.Terribly short of volunteers, join us on saturdays 10:30am onwards. Clothes & toys badly needed.

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