Friday, May 19, 2006

Enter the Dragon

Yes guyz, finally found the book I was looking for quite sometime.
A wonderful & simple introduction to Dragons & Damsels, with color pictures by K. A. Subramanian. Online & free.

Thought will start using the book by putting up pics of the odonates I had captured earlier and use the pdf's to get to know their names. Would like to write more detailed accounts later.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Dragonfly's.....popularly called as helicopters are a treat to watch.

Common Club tail

Green Marsh Hawk

Blue Marsh Hawk - male

Blue Marsh Hawk - female

Wandering Glider

Ditch Jewel - Male

Ditch Jewel - Female

Crimson-tailed Marsh Hawk

Hope, I have got the labels right. The pics have been taken at IISc, Whitefield, and Ramanagara. DragonFlys are seen very much in the city too. Keep looking out, sometimes an entire species will be migrating across the city. The kites line up for their meals. Yeah! don't forget to check out the online book.

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Casy said...

Good pictures. But eeeeeow!!!Why flies???