Wednesday, May 31, 2006


It was a recon for the vatsalya trip. Sunand & me, started without any care in the world, had a relaxed trek. Yes, it was that hectic week of the year.

Wed: Rajkumar passes away.
Thu: Hez buried, violence in the city.
Fri: Ramanagara trek, April 14
Sat: Chinnarangala starts, night Ulsoor Pallakki
Sun: Lalbaugh outing for Vatsalya

A sultry day......the clouds gathered and saved us. One of the hottest weeks of the summer.

We lost our way & arrived much earlier than planned. Arrived at the base of the Ramdevar betta...and the small pond there had these frogs. as, we approached I saw a turtle slipping into the water, waited for quite sometime, no sign of it.

Climbed up. Rama temple was closed. Quite tired, lay down besides some Nagara kallu (snake gods), and soon caught sight of these Crimson Rose butterflys mating. They went on for a long time.....despite good breeze.

Thats Sunand doing the final climb. We climbed up, got nostalgic of our previous trek here. Sunand, tried reaching Manasa, but she was sleeping.

Me, posing. Yes, that hat was real helpful.

As we climbed down these Geckos(??) caught our attention. Need to pick up Daniel's book on Amphibians & reptiles and identify them. Yes, these are Rock Agama's.

Yes, saw lotz of vultures - 3 to be precise - Long-billed vultures. Quite far...snaps are quite bad.

A 10 am to 8 pm trek. Lotz of things running in my mind. Thankfully gotaway from the city. And, had a friend, who noticed it all, kept quite & let me be. Thanks buddy.


sunand said...

the back drop of your pose is the handigunda betta , the one planned for the buddha statue, , that was a good trek though.

R said...

man.. there's a very heavy feel to this post... as if capturing the stillness of life.. and of just being

MORGANA said...

Hermosas fotografías.