Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A dog's tale

Last Sunday, my friends walked upto Nandi hills, and all along a dog accompanied them. Sunand, looks at the walk as seen by the dog.

Wooof! Life changes with one walk.

Woooaawww… what a boring life it can be just to wake up this early every morning look at the same concrete structure, the same people walking around everyday carrying their tiffin boxes. I know so many things, My age is 7 months, this place is I guess Hebbal afterall I belong to this place, And I know this is a big junction. Hey, look.....people....that means possibly food. Looks like these guys are carrying some goodies in those backpacks, letme give it a try, Hey wait there Give me something … yeah young lady you are calling me ? I have no problems in fact I want to enjoy a new company, and you three humans seem to be on some sort of a mission this early in the morning.. I love walking , if I am guessing right these humans … oops.. what are their names, let me find out, One of them is Suma , the other Chap is Sunand, this third does not belong to Bangalore, he looks like somebody from the mountains, … oooohhh they are calling him Ashith.

Oh my … those rogues wont let me step into their territory WOOF WOOOF, guys I am just a puppy spare me, please … I don’t want to stay here I am with these humans, , that fool almost bit me, Its been an hour, looks like no signs of stopping I AM HAVING FUN, WHAT I cant believe this …… How the hell can you name me, did you see my stars, did you check the numerology or atleast the surname, , How dare you Name me Walker,Why not call me Tiger, Rambo, Why Walker? I hope you atleast have a get-togather for having named me.

Good pace guyz 6kmph I am very comfortable, mainly that you guys need to understand my language, I can even sing for you, I hate those heavy vehicles, who don’t care for our community. Thanks for driving those dogs away I feel more secured now , actually You know what... I can be of help to you, guess you guys realize this....It is not sunny but hope it doesn’t rain.

Guys it is already 7 am when are you stopping, don’t you want a break, these humans act crazy at times, oh … thanks for that biscuit… how do you expect me to jump and catch that, I am not trained. But I know my instincts, I am much more cleverer then you guys. At last you decided to halt and it is 8am now … Give me water and ofcourse I love the bread too, anything at this moment , afterall we have been walking like jobless creatures all through the morning.

If I can read your intentions , I guess you are after the distant land of the Nandi. Guys please promise not to leave me , I have started loving you, I will be your best friend . .. hmm are we resting, lemme take a small snap wwooooowwwwwww..........Hey, where have they gone ? sniff sniff sniff, … there they are, did they forget to take me along, I need to run, you idiots…. Did you do this intentionally, didn’t you know I am with you, ok.. now lets make it clear I am walking with you.. now stop patting my head you Suma, and you too Sunand I know you have a scared look when you touch me, You are a fool if you are scared of me.

Guys move on. Yeah I am having fun,That’s Davanahalli The city is whoofing up at this alarming rate. I am worried about my brothern, Ah ha it is only 25 kms more from this turn. And we keep walking I love this greenery. I think we are going to climb that hill .. Whats that sunand’s buying, are those eggs, no they cant be, they are green and they are in a bunch, Hey whats that.... give it to me, oooh he calls it grapes, that’s Angoor, why is Sunand teaching Suma its called Langoor in Hindi.. She is in big trouble.. hey wait don’t throw it for me, sniff sniff, doesn’t even smell yummy huh. Looks like, they are trying to send me with this boy, but why don’t they understand I love them and not the boy, I have been walking the whole of 45 kms with them, why are they cutting the string of love between us, wont they take me with them, Why is he going for a string, I do not require strings to be tied up with, is this the real humans, I don’t think so, they are trying to put me with this boy, I need to find why, They are even paying the boy some money,HEY WAIT DON’T BE SO RUDE.. why that loop, I don’t need to be tied, I am not a fancy item, I am an animal, I have my rights too, no leave me... I hate being tied , I have to run away, see I am running back, will you like it now.. Hmmm they are far now and the boy is gone too, and these hikers don’t even have the rope, letme catch up with them..Hey buddies, I am back, I like you, I know you like me too.. then why this silence, take me back, comeon lets walk back, ask your friends how you will take me home, I know that guy on the phone you were talking to, think you called him Murtuza was asking you to take me back, , listen to him atleast you idiot.

That’s the base you have walked 55kms now and we have shared about 50 kms in that, don’t you still feel like doing something extraordinary today, I am watching your every move, you don’t dare leave me in this place. I know no one here, look at that Black and White, he is already giving me a warning that he is the king here, how will I survive, Its 12 kms to the top now, and I am feeling a bit tired too like you guys, this Ashith is already down, Oh so he shall Sit, I will move on with you, to the top and we will reach Nandi Circle, the climate has been perfect for the long walk. And we walk just walk.

That’s Nandi Circle, people told it is 8 kms climb from here, some shops here maybe I get some food here, hey guys thanks for the biscuit and the bread pieces too, this dog looks friendly too, let me relax here in this shade, but I am watching .

OH oh… did I take a nap, can’t believe it, they are gone, I don’t know where they are gone, let me find, Hey blacky… did you see a guy and a girl walk with bags, , he is not too sure,I think they are gone, what will I do, how will I live here, atleast a friend , where will I sleep , who will I speak to, who will admire my beauty, they didn’t even say bye to me, It’s been 6 hours and no clue of them, think that’s the end , I must live with these new chaps here, I still wont give hope, I know they will come and take me with them, I am the walker.

YAHOO! I see them.... thats the team and at this hour..... it is already 8pm I wonder where were they,WOW, GUYS I AM HERE WAITING FOR YOU, , CATCH ME . HERE I JUMP, I AM SO HAPPY… Ok so you walked all the way to the top that’s about 8kms from here and came back now, I am so happy to be with you, doesn’t my unstoppable tail tell that..Hey aren’t we walking anymore may be a night walk, Don’t tell me you guys are going to jump into one of those big steel boxes humans call Bus and speed away, since evening I am seeing people doing this, If you do this take me along, hey there it comes, no don’t throw the bread, wait take me, just wait, I will cry if you leave me here, just look into my eyes and tell me you want to leave me here, don’t you love me. You are just leaving me like that….