Friday, June 30, 2006

Hill Turmeric

Curcurma pseudomontana

Hindi: Kachura
Mar: Sindarbar
Guj: Kachuri

Found in western ghats, on forested hill slopes. Bright yellow flowers are borne among mauve-purple bracts. Flowers sometimes appear before leaves.

Food plant of grass demon skipper butterfly

The small almond shaped tubers are boiled and eaten.

Flowers between June & September

This pic was shot by Sunand, during the KMA summer camp for children at Muthodi in April 2005.

Should get the pics of the yellow flowers.

Material: BNHS Common Indian Wild Flowers by Issac Kehimkar


Anonymous said...

i found it very interesting

thatsme said...

Hey akash , In the forest not only The butterflies even we humans do get attracted by these flowers:-) and your Kyamera has an eye for these. as you have told, there were lot of butterflies around too.