Friday, June 23, 2006


Had visited Germany in March 2005. Stayed in Ulm, and visited Esslingen often to meet our client. And, after the last meeting, as Ganesh and me walked back to take the train to Ulm, I took these pictures.

River Nekar flows through the city, rising in the black forest (SW Germany) , flowing 367 km, encountering 20+ hydroelectric plants before joining the Rhine at Mannheim.

Note: 20 hydroelectric projects over 370 km.

It was a Friday evening, as we walked back, 1 more day, and then we fly back to India.

March was strange. It snowed in the first-fortnight, and got warmer in the second. And, a lot of flowers started blooming.

Yes, the time then was 4:35 ;-) It was tough to focus all 3 objects.

Spot the jogger. Jogging/Running seemed to be Germany's pastime. Even with snow people used to run. And that's infectious.

There was this dew on this flower. Tried hard to get a good pic of it.

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