Monday, July 10, 2006

Across the Fields

Some great news.
I have got back the clutch of poems I had posted on IISc poetry egroup long back. The ground rule was that we don't post poems written by us! And, soon we came across amazing stuff. And those days, I used to frequent the British Library, and which has a good collection of poetry books. So, I would carefully select a book, and pick a few that interest me, and post them. While I typed them, the poems sank, andz been a part of me.

But sometime, during machine migration, I had lost them all. And now, thanks a zillion to Ashish, they are here.

Hope to post them now & then. Today, one of my favourite writers - Hermann Hesse.

Across the Fields ....

Across the sky, the clouds move,
Across the fields, the wind,
Across the fields, the lost child
Of my mother wanders.

Across the street, leaves blow,
Across the trees, birds cry -
Across the mountains, far away,
My home must be.

-Hermann Hesse

Translated from German by James Wright

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